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Meetings & Conferences

A successful meeting is not only about content and speakers. Selecting the right venue can enhance desired results and create a thought-provoking atmosphere for participants.

A couple of important points that need to be considered by all event organisers:

  • Set a clear objective for your event by understanding what you want to achieve. What message do you want to convey? Who are you inviting, and what should they do differently after attending your event?
  • Set the right date. Try not to be close to half term or a competing conference/meeting, or it will be very likely your registrations will stay out.
  • Select the right venue. Choose one that appeals to your delegates, but also has the right capacity and leaves enough space for catering, equipment and staging.
  • Accessibility of conference facility:  central and within easy reach.
  • Be hospitiable. Ensure that people feel welcome and comfortable, besides food and drinks, make sure there is a secured cloakroom, air conditioning, outdoor space in the summer, etc.
  • Work with professional and reliable suppliers. Audio Visual equipment is a good example, which can make or break your event….Need we say more?
  • Communicate well. Give your guests an understanding of what to expect, where can they stay, how to get to your event, but don't overload them with too much information.
  • Measure Performance. Everyone can say what a great day it has been, but has it really changed your guest's attitude towards your product? We will assist you to find out.

When working with Connecting Venues, we will take these aspects into account to make your corporate event a guaranteed success.

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